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sunshine in the mourning

a blog about grief and sibling loss...


I wouldn't wish anyone to relate to what I, and so many other people, are going through. However, if you have found this blog because you're searching for support and information about grief, then I am sorry for the loss that has brought you to this page.


It's not where anyone wants to be; but it's certainly not where anyone wants to be alone. I hope that some of the things mentioned in my entries bring you some comfort at a time where you might feel so tilted and unsure.

This blog is mostly centred about sibling loss and young grief, but explores grief as a whole, and the hideous, nauseating rollercoaster it forces us to ride. 

I do have to explicitly mention that I will only be writing about these topics from my perspective. What I write in this blog may not be the case for other people.  Grief is different for everyone.  Grief also hits each individual differently each day, so my entries may vary from things that I have found joyful and amusing, to the times I've felt like it would be easier for me to not exist at all. 

If you are triggered by topics around grief, then please do not read my entries.

I also have an instagram page, which there will be a link to at the top of this website. Feel free to follow along, or drop me a message with questions or feedback. I do want to say that there will be days where I am not strong enough to read and reply, and that's ok. 

I hope to always be respectful to my brother, the amazing individual that he was and the warm sunshine he created in people's lives.  Please do not ask for his personal information, or mine. Everything you need to know is in our 'About' pages at the top.  

Lastly, I just want to reiterate that you are never alone.  I hope that this site finds you at the time that it needs to. 

Best wishes,

Emily x

Started in August 2021. The name of this site is not legally owned and also not yet in use by any other site. Any imitations of this page will have action taken against them. 

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