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About Joe

If you're reading this and you knew Joe personally, then the chances are you'll appreciate just how lucky you are to have known him. 

Joe is a beacon of light, even after his death.  He was, and still is, an inspiration to those around him and a fountain of knowledge.  For someone so clever, I always wondered why he spent so much time watching films and reading about superheroes - did he ever realise that he was a hero himself?

Joe was five years older than me - so therefore there was this perfect age gap.  He was old(er) enough to teach me,  guide me, and be an excellent role model, but also stay current and we liked all the same things. 

He could recite entire scripts of films, and know each and every actor and where they were born, who they were married to, and what they had for breakfast.  He could also name a tune, no matter what the genre, on the very first note.  He was incredibly useful to have on your quiz team, and put me to shame with just about every school subject.  

He is my only sibling. - After writing this sentence I must have paused for about ten minutes.  It's obviously incredibly difficult to talk about. I am, however, incredibly grateful that I got to keep Joe all to myself in a way.  I know - completely selfish!  Don't get me wrong; it's totally isolating and there's a constant feeling that absolutely no one understands quite how I'm feeling, but it's worth it after 23 years of being the apple of Joe's eye and (probably) his favourite person in the world. 

When he was four years old, my parents asked Joe if he wanted the biggest and the best toy in the world, or a baby sister.  Without hesitation Joe said "baby sister!" and the rest is history.  He never said one bad word about me, and would lift me up with confidence by telling me I look beautiful when I got ready to go out. He got protective and challenged people who did me wrong, and made me laugh every day. He was the epitome of JOY.

He is my sunshine, hence the reason behind the name of this site.  I realise that the blog is about grief and all the good and bad that comes with it.  But when you read about Joe, I hope you enjoy.  If the world was full of Joes, there would be no evil, no wars, just happiness. 

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